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SCOPE Miami 2013

Ich bin drin! Habe gerade diese Nachricht bekommen, dass mein Portfolio vom 3. bis 8. Dezember 2013 beim SCOPE Kunst Event (siehe Link) gezeigt wird. Bin total happy! :-) ) http://scope-art.com/shows/miami-beach-2013/about/

Glad to announce that my “see me – portfolio” will be shown from December 3rd to 8th 2013 at the scope art event in Miami Beach.


I find inspiration everywhere. But it happens mostly when I think about a new story for a book.

Sometimes it is a scene in a movie that gives me an idea or a computergame¬† and sometimes I am inspired by other artists. That is how I came to build a similar “impossible” town like M.C. Escher.

As to Leighton, I was curious, if I could paint like an old master. I cannot. But as it was hard work I decided to show it anyway. See the portrait gallery.


How I work

Most of my pictures I do in Vue d’Esprit and Poser.

Postwork, like painting cloths on a person is done in Photoshop.

Or I paint the entire image on a wacom tablet in PS.