About me

“I am a dreamer. Since I was a child I love everything that is different, whimsical and magical. And yes, I still believe in miracles. So it is no wonder that my works are inspired by fantasy and surreal topics. I present my female characters as portraits or in a “wonderland like environment” which often shows a lot of symbolism. As a writer of fantasy books it happens quite often that I have a storytelling aspect in mind while working on an image. I don’t expect people to have the same ideas about my artwork as I had while creating them. The greatest gift for me is to receive a note from my viewers that tells me what they see in my artwork, what kind of story they imagine behind it or what personal feelings they have about it. All I want is to make people think, free their mind and most of all –make them dream again.”

My favourite subjects are women (especially faces) from this world or another in all kind of situations and emotional states. I am interested in everything that is a little bit different or very different from our day to day life. Already as a child I loved to imagine new worlds and creatures . The fantasy world just offered so many more opportunities for a colorful and exiting existance. When I grew older I expanded my imagination to self invented regligions and political systems and I became an author of fantasy books. Fantasy and surrealism, archeology and antique myths will always influence my works, sometimes even a little bit of horror. So you will find goddesses along with creepy little creatures in my portfolio. Since I was a child I am a fan of surrealism such as Salvador Dali and Magritte. The range of artists I admire and that inspire me grows with every year (and yes - there are a lot of digital artists). Just to name a few of them: Ray Ceasar, Lori Earley, Linda Bergkvist, Catrin Weltz-Stein ....


My works are a mixture of 3D rendering and handpainting. For my rendered figures I use Poser. For environments I use Vue d'Esprit or my right hand and a pen on a tablet. Sometimes I build objects in Vue with primitives and boolean operations. I compose my images in Photoshop and do a lot of handpainting with a wacom tablet, such as hair, clothes, background and so on. But as I am a very impatient person on one hand and a beancounter on the other hand, it is seldom that I paint an image from hand entirely. It just takes to long because I always find spots that need correction and another correction and so on. Useless to say that nobody but me would notice the change but me, but that is how I often stand in my own light. I just discovered how to integrate photos or parts of photos into my work. My advice to every one who loves to be creative: Never stop looking for new techniques and enjoy trying.


Actually I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I come up with an idea while thinking about characters for a new book I intend to write. Very often I find inspiration in movies or even commercials and last but not least of course in the works of artists I admire.


I often made the experience that when people get to know that my works are completely digital, they loose interest (no matter how enthusiastic they were before) and say: "Oh, so you did it with a computer". Well, these people seem to believe that you just have to click some buttons and your done.
Well, I guess everybody who does more in Photoshop or Illustrator than just some color corrections or cropping from his vacation snapshots knows that it takes a lot of experience to learn all the functions and tricks these programs provide.
Even more important is the following: If you paint on a tablet it is the same challenge as if you paint on cavas or a scetchblock. You simply have to know how to draw and/or paint. You need knowledge about composition and chromatics, of perspective and of course the use of light and shadow.


I know this is not perfect, but I am not an old master. It is unfinished and will stay unfinished, because I did this only to learn more about digital painting.