contract works

If you are interested in my work please feel free to send me an email.

CI-work for Mobly UG, a company for Mobile-Social-Viral-Marketing with outstanding technologies and concepts. Did this for their entrance hall. Can also be found in a brochure I did for them and as part of their videos plus some other templates.

Birdie book for the Golfclub “Schwarze Heide” in Bottrop-Kirchhellen. I rendered each hole in 3D in Vue d’Esprit to get a realistic looking image. Mesurements and other infos like rules and so on I added in Photoshop.


Construction of Houses for Immosol Costa Blanca. Constructed and rendered in Vue d’Esprit.


Some promotion videos I did for the german telecommunication company Orbit Office. Idea, graphics, animation by me. Music by Ed Rowland. In the last two videos you can hear my voice.

In the video below I used Prezi and some of my own artwork done in Poser.

Video below created in Powerpoint

Video below created with Prezi

Video below created in Powerpoint. Charakters and backgrounds created in Photoshop.


Acryl on Canvas. A work for a private person who is a great admirer of Edward Hopper and a fan of lighthouses.

A collection of Logos, created in Photoshop:

Coming soon:

  1. webpages
  2. The following examples are a work for a german inventor. He found a technique how to make huge tiles (eg. for the entrance hall of an enterprise or hotel) which show an image that changes why you walk by. I am not familiar with the exact procedure. All I can say is that I produced a certain number of images which show the same scene (allways with a slight rotation of the camera) and that these pictures were each brought up on another side of a very tiny stick of glass who had been dressed to size accordingly. The tile then was covered with a huge numbe of these tiny sticks. Sad story behind: The inventor died before he could finish his contract negociations with a company in Dubai. As he had no heir and his wife sold his company his dream never came true. As a small tribute to him I would like to show some of this images, which might give you an idea on how the finished product would have looked like.




I also do webdesign and write articles. Just name the subject. Complete promotion brochures and flyers including text are part of my work too. I only write in german and english and french. If it is a language I don’t know, you will have to provide the full text passages and give me short brief of the contents.